Grant Writing Services Offered by Business Support Organizations in Baltimore, MD

Are you looking for grant writing services in Baltimore, MD? GrandHelper is here to help! We are conveniently located in Baltimore and offer a range of government grant services to help businesses of all sizes discover, apply for, and obtain the best grant opportunities. Our services include finding the right grants, drafting applications, formulating an ongoing grant strategy, and more. All of these require a solid business case and a narrative that convinces the grantor that their company is worth investing in. With more than twenty years of experience in strategic development, marketing, product development, storytelling, and project management in numerous business sectors, I am well-versed in the art of bringing together multifaceted proposals into award-winning funding requests. I have provided support to natural food sector companies, sports clubs, day care centers, advanced manufacturing businesses, international businesses, agriculture and food and beverage companies, biomedicine firms, educational institutions, energy providers, healthcare organizations, telecommunications companies, transportation businesses, aerospace industry firms, defense contractors, and space exploration organizations. Often companies seek to hire a local grant writer or commission editing and proofreading from a company close to their own offices.

We can give you access to the vast amount of untapped funds available to those who provide selfless services with the goal of improving the lives and conditions of those in need. Ultimately, the best grant writers for your company are those who can offer some flexibility to meet your requirements and are willing to invest their time and share some of the risk. There are no formal education requirements to be a grant writer but you'll likely need some training in English, marketing, business development, communications or a related field. In addition to “grant writer” you will also find the terms “grant consultant”, “grant specialist”, “proposal writer” and other variants of use. Most grants are intended for business and supply chain growth; the creation of new jobs; or innovation within an industry to achieve impactful change; they are not designed to fill gaps in cash flow or support a company's daily activities.

Thanks to this work I have gained extensive experience in preparing successful business cases and grant applications.