Venture Capital Services for Businesses in Baltimore, MD

The Natalia and Darren Farber Charitable Fund (through J.) has been providing support to the National Capital Enterprise (NCE) for over a decade. This organization offers tailored content, comprehensive assistance, and technology-driven platforms that are adapted to the stage of the company. NCE also helps entrepreneurs secure loans and present to investors, including assistance in creating business plans and financial documents. Grant programs are available to support nonprofit organizations that provide small businesses with administrative, technical, or financial guidance (such as Small Business Development Centers - SBDCs). These funds are accessible to women, low-income and minority-group entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others who have the capacity to operate successful businesses but lack perfect credit or personal assets.

In Baltimore City and Baltimore County, resident-led groups and community projects have been receiving grants for nearly 30 years. Slate Capital Group is a venture capital firm established in 2004 with offices in Baltimore, Cincinnati and Nashville. The directors of this firm have extensive experience managing small and medium-sized companies and investing in leveraged purchase transactions. Slate Capital Group focuses on business services, distribution, and select light product manufacturing companies. When investing funds in a company, venture capitalists often have the right to review management decisions and, in some cases, appoint their own managers to oversee certain aspects of the company. A right of retention is established on the property so that if the buyer fails to pay the note, the seller is the first in line to step in again and take over the business. If you are looking for venture capital services in Baltimore, MD, contact your local SBDC for help determining the right financing vehicle for your business.

They can also provide guidance on the best lenders and investors in the area. Additionally, CVL has reevaluated its market position during the COVID-19 pandemic and restructured its services to better support underrepresented founders.