Workforce Development Services for Businesses in Baltimore, MD

The Baltimore County Department of Economic Development is a great resource for businesses in Baltimore, MD looking to hire staff for all levels of their organization. Maryland AJCs provide a comprehensive range of services to job seekers and businesses, free of charge. These centers are staffed with qualified professionals who can help with numerous employment-related services and programs. They are connected to Maryland state staff and organizations to help businesses grow and succeed in the state. The USEAC of Baltimore can help minimize risk and take advantage of the opportunities available when selling products and services abroad.

Businesses interested in exporting can access financial assistance from the SBA, Ex-Im Bank, and the State of Maryland. The Baltimore County Department of Economic and Workforce Development (DEWD) works to support companies as they expand their markets through international trade. Companies can get practical export advice, market research, and commercial financial support in one convenient place. The Office of International Investment and Trade (OIIT), part of the Maryland Department of Commerce, was created to develop international business activity in Maryland and to help local companies explore international markets. SCORE has volunteers with expertise in virtually every area of business, and maintains a list of skills across the country to help identify the best expert for a particular company.

The Maryland Department of Commerce has a regional team dedicated to working with the economic development offices of the 23 Maryland counties and the city of Baltimore to help companies expand their workforce, physical locations, and markets. The Small Business Administration (SBA) and its national network of partners offer programs and resources aimed at helping small businesses compete effectively in the market. Grow your business and talent pool with the help of Maryland Business Services staff located throughout the state. SCORE is a non-profit association that connects volunteer business management advisors with small business owners who need their expert advice. Job seekers and businesses will discover that Maryland AJCs are leaders in using cutting-edge technologies to connect people to jobs and jobs to people. Businesses in Baltimore, MD have access to a wide range of workforce development services offered by various business support organizations.

These services include assistance with hiring staff for all levels of your business, exporting guidance from USEAC of Baltimore, financial assistance from SBA, Ex-Im Bank, and State of Maryland, international investment advice from OIIT, skills identification from SCORE volunteers, workforce expansion from MD Department of Commerce, and small business competition resources from SBA's national network partners. Moreover, businesses can also take advantage of Maryland Business Services staff located throughout the state for growing their business and talent pool.